Monday, April 02, 2007

Yip! Yip! Yip!


Hey, all -- Be sure to read the earlier post today (Bava! Tim! Donna! Below!), as that's the big news today (well, to me, anyhoot) -- but as promised, here's some more links to the CCS sites & blogs the students have created.

It's a wide-open dreamspace, doorways to much inspiration, hard work and new voices and visions.

Don't be shy, check 'em out, and please, let them know what you think!

  • The ever-humble, ever-drawing JP Coovert keeps the ink flowing and comics glowing here, though they're having a bit of a prob with the site just now -- still, go have a peek, and make yourself known.

  • A bit closer to the apocalypse, ink-slinging Sean Ford spices this site with his distinctive fusions of darkness and light, ink and white.

  • Here be Chuck Forsman, whose canine Cerberus seems to keep Chuck from posting much; don't mind the pup, his bark is worse than his blog! -- ah, heck, his dog is guarding the blog, like I said, but you'll be OK. Check it out!

  • Stripy Green Tomato is the reservation Penina Gal hangs at in virtual space, and her site is pretty inventive -- take some time to navigate it, you'll not be sorry!

  • More tomorrow!

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    Bravo Tim!
    Bravo Donna!
    Bravo Bava!

    This past week,
  • Tim and Donna Lucas finished work at last on Tim's Mario Bava biography, and shipped it off to the printer.

  • A hearty congrats to Tim and Donna! Tim and I first met via our mutual love for Mario Bava -- via a fan letter I addressed to him courtesy of Fangoria, enthusiastically responding to Tim's Bava article in that zine -- and I instantly turned over all my Bava files (such as they were) to him, grateful to know someone shared my obsession and was working on a book-length study of Bava.

    Tim's a much better writer than I was or will ever be, so it was a treat. I've been a long-distance cheerleader for Tim's book ever since, though he's had much heavier-hitter cheerleaders and much more vital collections turned over to him.

    It's taken Tim well over two decades to see through his dream project, and he and Donna have poured enormous amounts of blood, sweat, tears, energy and dollars into this venture.

    See, dreams do come true...

    More -- on this and more -- later this morning.

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