Monday, April 02, 2007

Yip! Yip! Yip!


Hey, all -- Be sure to read the earlier post today (Bava! Tim! Donna! Below!), as that's the big news today (well, to me, anyhoot) -- but as promised, here's some more links to the CCS sites & blogs the students have created.

It's a wide-open dreamspace, doorways to much inspiration, hard work and new voices and visions.

Don't be shy, check 'em out, and please, let them know what you think!

  • The ever-humble, ever-drawing JP Coovert keeps the ink flowing and comics glowing here, though they're having a bit of a prob with the site just now -- still, go have a peek, and make yourself known.

  • A bit closer to the apocalypse, ink-slinging Sean Ford spices this site with his distinctive fusions of darkness and light, ink and white.

  • Here be Chuck Forsman, whose canine Cerberus seems to keep Chuck from posting much; don't mind the pup, his bark is worse than his blog! -- ah, heck, his dog is guarding the blog, like I said, but you'll be OK. Check it out!

  • Stripy Green Tomato is the reservation Penina Gal hangs at in virtual space, and her site is pretty inventive -- take some time to navigate it, you'll not be sorry!

  • More tomorrow!

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