Thursday, March 29, 2007

Little Gray Dot --

-- that's what Mark Martin keeps posting to note the utter insignificance of the various scandals and outrages manifesting around this clusterfuck Presidency.

He's right.

More Americans know and care about (with collective necrophile obsessiveness) the ongoing Anna Nichol Smith clusterfuck than know, care about or even recognize the name "Alberto Gonzales." Fantasy scenarios about Katie and Tom and their baby and Scientologist doctrine and 5-hour-sauna-torture-of-Katie, and Brad and Angelina, or poor Johnny Depp's daughter ("The Agony of Johnny Depp!") are more pressing than the War(s), Abu Ghraib, Guantanemo, than tax cuts and -- well, you get the idea.

But that doesn't mean you ignore the reality, join the lunacy.

All I'm focused on yesterday and today week is CCS and our visitor Rob Walton.

Having a great, productive week, or so I think; really solid pair of sessions with the students yesterday, I think -- but all that matters, really, is what the students have to say about it amongst themselves, which I'll likely never know.

Seemed to go OK, though. Inking demo was fun, too -- Rob inks Bissette pencils, Bissette inks Rob pencils, tips and taps. Staging exercises. Sharing info, knowledge.

That matters.

Have a great Thursday -- gotta run!

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Blogger Mark Martin said...

sigh -

again with the wild generalizations.

Little Gray Dot specifically refers to Gonzales. I made that perfectly clear.

Please clarify. And clarify that I, Mark Martin, do not ignore reality. Not that you said I do, but the careless reader may get that impression from your stream of conscious writing.

Thanks, Buddy!

ps - Your previous post seemed to indicate that people who dis (heh, heh, "Democrat") John Edwards don't give a rat's ass about his wife's cancer. (otherwise why even mention her cancer? What was the point?) I'd like to show you how people who are cruel about other people's cancer act:

and please note - last night the text on that ad said "Wear this t-shirt and finally get a good chuckle out of the White House spokesliar's impending fatal colon cancer". They changed it overnight. I wish I had a screen shot of the original text, but I'm sure somebody out there does. Anyway, it's still apretty damning example the "progressive" sense of humor.

I love ya, Bissette. But the thing that keeps grating on me is how you and "your side" think you have the moral high ground and anybody who disagrees with you is a Limbaughtomized uncaring idiot.

At least throw in an "I think" or "It seems to me" occasionally. You present your rants and political opinions as fact. Which is your call, it is "MyRant". I'm just 'splainin' why I have to get in here and make racket sometimes.

ps - "Children of Men" was AWFUL! I can't get over how bad that movie was.

Blogger Mike Dobbs said...

Mark...I can't speak for Steve, but as far as this "liberal" goes, you know that I'm not willing to walk lock-step with the "progressive" movement and I think a lot of people are like that.

My lunch spot in Springfield is a great little place owned and operated by a John Bircher. He and I have some great conversations and, as I've often thought about the left and right, find plenty of middle ground.

And I've said repeatedly that it is no longer an issueof left and right but of the haves and the haves not. The life that people can lead is being determined more and more by corporations which in turn have more and more control in the government.

The current government is the Bush government, recently modified by a Democratic conmtrolled Congress. I'm sorry but that is the government that deserves scrutiny because they are in power.

I love you too. Can't we all get along?

Blogger Not Since You comic said...

People find news depressing. But American Idol is not depressing. But news is reality (or reality is news). And since no one watches reality anymore - except the fake reality of American Idol - that means news writers like myself are paid small salaries, which I often find depressing

Blogger James Robert Smith said...

Progressives don't march in anything like lock-step. Against their nature. Only Bible-humping Republicans and Nazis (same thing, these days) do that.

It doesn't do any good to (Biblically speaking) tear your hair and gnash your teeth. Like the non-existent God, the corporate and religious scum who pull the strings of our politicians don't give a rat's ass about all of our teeth-gnashing and clothes-rending.

Blogger dogboy443 said...

On the lighter side, and too focus on CCS and the art, let's see those inked pieces. We've seen Steve ink other people but the inly inker I can confess to seeing a lot of on Steve's stuff is John Totleben. Let's see Rob Walton ink the loose, wild pencils of Steve. I for one vote yes!

Thoe Other Mark M.

Blogger Mark Martin said...

Pickled green tomatoes, H-man.


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