Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday Spametry

Hey, traveling all week with Marge and I only missed one day of posting. Not bad. We got home last night; I'll write about our travels tomorrow. A grand trip, it was.

For today, a bit of email spam poetry, by yours truly and the anonymous spammers who bless us all with their lyric verse daily -- all spellings and names included are verbatim from the spam, folks. All I discerned were the patterns, and organized them accordingly.

Tranny Campus

We need
Your help
Make 143.50 and more
per day

[Gain Up to 6+
Gain up to 4+
a larger one?
Produce stronger,
rock hard

Lands' End
No iron,
no problem:
New wrinkle-free shirts
are here!

[Darlene Coates
How to get bigger?
Lynn Hearn
Add 4 inches in lenght
Dorothy Dorsey
Produce stronger,
rock hard

UVM Broadcast Center
Feb. 25-March 2
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