Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Eye-Yi-Yi --

Image at left: NOT my eye, but extreme blepharitis case. I'm nowhere near that bad.

Well, again with the left eye, but it's been different this time: no yellow yeasty gunky film, no hideous red. Just a week, almost two, of slight runny eye, slight bloodshot white, but being a good student of Dr. Wertham ("the injury to the eye motif") and Fulci and all things wet, orb-like and vulnerable, I go to my eye doc and go through another battery of yellow dye, pressure tests, and eyeball scrutiny.

So, it turns out I've got something incredibly common, and growing more frequent with global warming: Blepharitis.
  • The National Health Institute provides this handy guide,
  • and it's so common my eye doc had a handout to give me about it. Unguent, 10 days of treatment, and new eye hygiene thereafter, and I should be fine.

    Whew. Cool it, Staphylococcus.

    Have a wigged-out Wednesday; I'll be typing when I'm not teaching, and teaching when I'm not typing...

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