Thursday, October 25, 2007

30 Days of Night Scores,
XQBs Unite (and Bring Your Pix)!

I caught a matinee of 30 Days of Night yesterday, and wanted to note my unabashed enthusiasm for the film. It's a terrific adaptation of Steve Niles and Brian Templesmith's IDW graphic novel -- Steve's breakthrough work, after almost two decades of active work in comics, writing, editing and packaging -- and a terrific horror movie, the best mainstream horror film I've seen this year.

I'll write more about the film, the graphic novel, and Steve (who I knew and worked with way back when, in the early '90s) later, but kudos to Steve and Ben; I hope the leap between page and the screen was a good experience, and hope this earns you both well-deserved income and the opening of many more creative doors. Kudos to Steve Niles, Stuart Beattie and Brian Nelson's screenplay for addressing it as a film, aware of the differences between the two media and crafting a taut siege scenario that works on its own terms, as a movie; kudos to director David Slade, for sticking to the basics throughout; kudos to Ghost House, for finally making a top-notch horror movie (I've seen all their productions to date, and this is by far the best of 'em).

Don't feel you have to read the graphic novel first. They're different beasts, both work in spades in their own media and on their own terms. In fact, the less you know before seeing 30 Days of Night, the better -- just go, and enjoy an ingenious no-nonsense vampire/siege horror story, vividly executed and well told. Enjoy -- I sure did!

Hey, XQBs -- you know who you are! Those of us who cut our teeth at The Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art, Inc. share many experiences, memories and more -- and now, it's time to share our photos, pholks!

Here's the appeal from famed comics historian, fan archivist and author Bill Schelly, whose upcoming biography of Joe Kubert is in need of Kubert School era photos and images. Read on:


Hi Guys,

Bill Schelly here, with a request for vintage photos from the earliest years of the Joe Kubert School. The book discusses all of you in relation to those early "Kubie" years, but I have NO photos to represent that period.

I'm especially interested in any photos of you with Joe, with each other, and/or at a drawing board when you were at the school. I realize people didn't snap photos all the time back then like we do now.... with the ease of digital cameras.... but, I have to ask, as this is a real gap.

The manuscript is 100% done, and Greg Sadowski is preparing to do the layouts for Fantagraphics. He needs visual items by mid-November, certainly before Thanksgiving. Any digging and scanning and sending as email attachments would be MOST APPRECIATED and have a very positive effect on the appearance and completeness of the book.

Thanks, and I hope all is well with you,

This is an open call to all XQBs -- note Bill's seeking pix of the early years (1976-80?), but I welcome hearing from any/all of you! Email me directly at, I'll put you in touch with Bill.

Have a great Thursday, one and all...

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