Monday, October 01, 2007

Tenderfoot II

Completed final cleanup and some minor production on the "Tenderfoot" story in the CCS workshop basement this morning, and delivered the finished work to co-editor Morgan Pielli's mailbox at 10:30 AM.

I really enjoyed this new ramshackle method of working -- which I'll get into another time. Anyhoot, I'm gonna keep going. So, what's next: monster stories for my own amusement, and -- well, we'll see!

Have a great Monday...

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Just this minute finished my six-page comic story "Tenderfoot" for an anthology the CCS seniors have created for SPX, Dead Man's Hand, a collection of western tales. If you're going to SPX, that's where it'll be.

I'm not sure where this particular non-story came from (no, Steve, it warn't inspired by your rotting toe, but maybe I saw it through cuz of that, in part). No matter -- I had fun with it. I have to extend apologies to Bob Boze Bell, Frederic Remington, Wayne Erbsen, The Holy Modal Rounders, and send a big thanks to Gordon Grice and Treasure Chest of Cowboy Songs, 1935, source of the uncredited song "The Tenderfoot" that prompted the whole thing. I just sort of let it grow -- it's a morbid meditation, like most everything I draw.

Bryan Stone was working on the book's cover and logo earlier this week, and it looked sharp. Co-editors Chris Warren and Morgan Pielli showed me progress on their contributions, too, though I know there's a bunch of material in the home stretch and/or done already. I held off saying anything until I got my part done, but once I get scans from my pages, I'll post somethin' to whet your appetite.

OK, off to bed...

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