Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sunday Skeeeedaddle

I'm outta here for a couple of days on a research jaunt with mine illustrious amigo Joe Citro. Pix and posts later this week.

  • As a Vermonter and a patriot, I can only say -- go get 'em, Senator Leahy!

  • _______

    I'm working up a complete illustrated review of The Giant Behemoth (UK title: Behemoth, The Sea Monster) DVD for posting this week; I've been greatly enjoying the entire Warner Bros. Camp Cult Classics four-volume, 12-DVD set, and will comment on the rest throughout the coming weeks. In the meantime, highly recommended, snap 'em up if you can find 'em!

    And a note to Dave McKenna, re your comment on my Wednesday post: I know that ferry boat sequence wasn't the fault of Willis O'Brien and Pete Peterson, nor did I infer (or mean to infer) it was. I have the same Cinefex zine bio of O'Brien, and its earlier publication in the UK zine Focus on Film, and know that bit of trivia well -- that, and much more, once I get time to complete and post the review!

    I'll be back on Tuesday -- have a great Sunday and Monday, one and all!