Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sunday Skeeeedaddle

I'm outta here for a couple of days on a research jaunt with mine illustrious amigo Joe Citro. Pix and posts later this week.

  • As a Vermonter and a patriot, I can only say -- go get 'em, Senator Leahy!

  • _______

    I'm working up a complete illustrated review of The Giant Behemoth (UK title: Behemoth, The Sea Monster) DVD for posting this week; I've been greatly enjoying the entire Warner Bros. Camp Cult Classics four-volume, 12-DVD set, and will comment on the rest throughout the coming weeks. In the meantime, highly recommended, snap 'em up if you can find 'em!

    And a note to Dave McKenna, re your comment on my Wednesday post: I know that ferry boat sequence wasn't the fault of Willis O'Brien and Pete Peterson, nor did I infer (or mean to infer) it was. I have the same Cinefex zine bio of O'Brien, and its earlier publication in the UK zine Focus on Film, and know that bit of trivia well -- that, and much more, once I get time to complete and post the review!

    I'll be back on Tuesday -- have a great Sunday and Monday, one and all!


    Blogger HemlockMan said...

    The UK title makes far more sense than the one from USA. Ours translates (common useage of the term) into "The giant giant". Yeah, I know "behemoth" has a Biblical origin, but most consider it to mean huge, or colossal--giant, if you will.

    I always liked that film as a kid and would look forward to it whenever it would air. For some reason, it was shown a lot in Atlanta GA when I was a in grade school. Maybe one of the local stations owned a copy or something. I could count on seeing it four or five times a year, while other stop-motion monster flicks seemed to hit the glass teat maybe once every two years or so--which is why I never saw THE BLACK SCORPION until I was in my forties (but did manage to score seeing THE BEAST OF HOLLOW MOUNTAIN when I was eight years old--and it provided me with the grist for nightmares for years afterward).

    Blogger Mark Martin said...

    Mine illustrious patriot!

    Blogger SRBissette said...

    Bob, I love all those flicks -- BEAST FROM HOLLOW MOUNTAIN and BLACK SCORPION were childhood favorites, and GIANT BEHEMOTH was the one I could never see until my college years. Funny how our generation's formative pop culture experiences were so predetermined by the movie packages our local TV stations owned! Allied Artists films -- including BEHEMOTH, Corman's ATTACK OF THE CRAB MONSTERS, Sam Fuller's exuberant B dramas and exposes, AL CAPONE, etc. -- were forever out of reach, just listings in the TV GUIDE of stations we didn't get. I sought them all out later in life, via 16mm rentals (I programmed films from junior high through my first two years of college) and my travels.

    I'm opening the review with reference to the redundant US title, which rates with MANOS, HAND OF FATE ('manos,' natch, being Spanish for 'hand') in my book for dopey titles.

    Mark, it's getting mighty hard to feel patriotic any more, but I love my country, man. I just despise the blackshirts (Blackwater?) running it.


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