Friday, June 22, 2007

MoCCA/CCS/Bissette Update:
Capsule: The First Dose and
Accent UK Zombies
Will Be at the CCS Table!

Friday evening update:
* Sean Morgan won't be at MoCCA, but his comics will!
* Accent UK's Zombies reach our shores, will be for sale at the CCS table!

Sean Morgan/Steve Bissette cover, Capsule: The First Dose (2007) at MoCCA!

Quick update:

* At the eleventh hour (actually, at about 5 PM), Sean Morgan's post-surgery recovery prompted him to reconsider the trip to NYC for the weekend -- but Sean's brand-new comic anthology Capsule: The First Dose will be available at the CCS table!

Note that I signed and did a sketch in every single copy -- $5 gets you the comic. If you're at MoCCA, please support Sean's efforts (and enjoy our jam story, "Area Stoned," in the bargain!).

Trippy highlight from Sean Morgan's "Area Stoned" in Capsule: The First Dose; cosmic collage craziness by SR Bissette

After a frantic week ending with Sean getting his book and himself packed up and ready to go, Sean made it with Matt Young, Robyn Chapman, Dennis Pacheco and Morgan Pielli to Marge's and my house -- just 15 minutes from White River Junction -- en route to NYC, and had to bail. Since there was still at least a five-hour drive tonight, three days of NYC and MoCCA mania, and a loooong bus ride home ahead, he was right to speak up and step down. Given the discomfort from yesterday's surgery on his hand and the need to keep his cast plugged into the circulating cooler to keep the swelling down, Sean wisely opted to forego MoCCA and stay home for the weekend. This is a real heartbreaker for him, folks, especially after the hard work prepping and completing his comic, but a smart move.

Still, his books are en route to MoCCA, and will be at the CCS table tomorrow. Check 'em out, buy a copy!

* Also just in, and I mean just in: The Accent UK box of the Zombies anthology arrived! They got here very late this afternoon -- just in time for Matt, Robyn, Dennis and Morgan to pick 'em up and include them in the CCS table lineup! Though quantities are limited, I signed the covers of what Matt, Robyn, Dennis and Morgan had room for in their car, so Zombies will be for sale at the CCS MoCCA table! Just $10 US, and be sure to ask Morgan to sign his story when you buy your copy!

Zombies is otherwise unavailable in the US -- features a new cover and inside front cover by yours truly, a 4-page "Alphabet of Zombies" by me and my son Daniel, fellow CCSer Blair Sterrett's two "The Sweetest of Dreams" tales and Morgan Pielli's apocalyptic "Orion Star" -- and Morgan will be at the CCS table in person, with his comics too (ask for "No!" or the anthology featuring "No!").
Pick up your copy of Zombies, while you can!

In fact, buy Zombies and Sean's Capsule as companion volumes -- Capsule features "He Is Risen," Sean's story that was too controversial for inclusion in Zombies!

Signed copies of Zombies will be for sale at the CCS table -- first and only US venue for this stellar Accent UK book!

More news, interviews, and MoCCA/CCS art and ballyhoo tomorrow AM. See you here!

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