Thursday, May 24, 2007

So Comcast and I Just Moved the Computer Setup... my viewing room (for now), and I've just connected everything and got it all up and running, and look what Jesus had waiting for me as soon as I opened the email!

Jesus, you are so confusing me. Why are you targeting me so, or allowing me to be targeted? You work in such mysterious ways. I'm still trying to figure out El Topo.

I love my second wife with all my heart and soul, yet you insist upon these temptations.

Look, I'll pray with my beloved wife Marge when she gets home, and see if she's up for Christian Swinging Singles scenes.

Really, my Lord and Savior, I don't think she'll go for it.

But I hear you, Lord, I hear you!


11:33 AM -- Bush is -- ?
"He's isolated, trying to kill people to achieve his objectives..."
- President Bush, not referring to his own situation, but rather characterizing Osama Bin Laden's -- as his usual demonized mirror self.

I'm listening to the President's press conference. He's fielding questions as I type this. It's the usual political theater, candid in ways the President neither intends nor fathoms.

He keeps threatening our children in his usual manner -- "He's a danger to your children, Jim" (replying to the question "Why haven't we caught Osama Bin Laden yet?") -- "Your children are in danger" -- etc. He also keeps changing the questions to his usual dualistic good vs. evil horseshit.

He also, without a hint of irony, again accused the Democrats of "political theater" with the Justice Department investigations, suggesting the slow pace of that investigation was their fault -- rather than the fault of the White House itself. With the same opacity, he notes "the American people's" outrage at Iranian detaining of US citizens -- as if we haven't been doing the same (and worse) for six years.

He's twice thus far posited fighting ideology with ideology -- at least that's correctly stated. It is a war of ideologues, radical extremist ideologues -- and we're all stuck in the middle, between extremists. Bush just doesn't see himself as an extremist.

Dumbest line: Having rather obliquely brought the previously-ignored Baker-Hamilton report up as a newly valid alternative, and asked if his reference to an alternative proposed in the Baker-Hamilton report is "Plan B," Bush replied, "Let's call it plan B-H", pronounced "Bee-atch." It was hilarious!

We'z all your bee-atch, Prez.

Favorite quote thus far: "I don't think an industry that exploits human beings is in America's best interests!" He was talking about the immigration issue, but what a sweet comment from the most rampant plutocrat and corporate shill President imaginable.

It's more evident than ever -- President Bush either thinks we are all absolute morons, or he is insane.

Today's post going up tomorrow --

Marge and I have had some computer issues (trying to install airports for wireless in the house); today's planned post to go up tomorrow: PART ONE of the first new interview!

[1:20 PM addendum -- sorry, it indeed goes up tomorrow! Comcast is a-coming in, and I've got to unplug everything and prep for their visit. Later, gators!]

Have a great Thursday --