Wednesday, May 23, 2007

CCS News & Graduation Pix

Some week-after-graduation Center for Cartoon Studies news, links and pix:

* CCS will be at MoCCA this year once again (I won't; my convention days/daze be over). Lots of amazing comics this year from both classes, and a great chance to meet a number of CCS's best, brightest and most mobile. The CCS table will be B5, a prime location near the front door of the first room.

* CCS graduation pix are popping up online at last! The one heading this blog post was clicked by Joe Lambert, catching a sweet view of the CCS graduating class and faculty pose (that's me in the way back, to the right, third cat with the hat). For better shots of yours truly in a monkey suit and, far more important, shots of the event, Mutts creator and graduation keynote speaker Patrick McDonnell, and much more, you'll be relieved to know
  • Joe just posted some great graduation photos here, along with the two pages he and James Sturm created as the cover to the first CCS graduation 'facebook,'
  • and Joe posted more pix here. Enjoy!

  • * The local newspaper coverage was sweet.
  • Valley News staff writer Sonia Scherr's coverage is here, offering accurate assessments of the speeches offered by Patrick McDonnell and senior Ross Wood Studlar, for those interested.

  • * My old Brattleboro amigo, Rutland Herald reporter, and Trees & Hills Comic Group co-founder Daniel Barlow popped up at the graduation, too, and Dan, Cat and I enjoyed a chat over some beer after the Saturday festivities were over.
  • Here's Dan's excellent article in The Rutland Herald on the graduation (which sports one bit of misinformation: I met James Sturm looooong before the Bennington College summit; that is, however, where James and I first seriously discussed my teaching at CCS), and
  • you might want to check out The Rutland Herald's opinion column on the CCS graduation, too.

  • * The online comics interview site Indie Spinner Rack has posted their second CCS program,
  • the interview with James Sturm, and it's a great one -- check it out, here!

  • (And, on the odd chance you missed prior posts, here's the link to my interview with Indie Spinner Rack.)

  • That's what I've got this morning.

    Have a great Wednesday, one and all...

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