Monday, May 21, 2007

"Monday, Monday -- Can't Trust That Day..."

This week will kick off a couple of weeks of solid Myrant interviews, but the long post I had prepped this morning has been short-circuited by more blogging woes (nothing seems to be loading, much less images). I hope the technical problems that began last night aren't clogging up the works all week.

Anyhoot, on the off chance this early AM typing makes it to the blogosphere, I want to mention the Center for Cartoon Studies graduation was an amazing event, and could not have gone better. I'll post a full account once the students post photos and such from the day, and a few links.

Cartoonist extraordinaire and pioneer Marlboro College graduate (for whom I served as outside examiner, since he was Marlboro College's first-ever art major to tackle a graphic novel as his thesis project, and they didn't have a clue how to assess his efforts) Daniel Lapham notes,
  • "Well, the same day as the CCs graduation, Scott McCloud came to Missoula, MT. Here's my account."
  • Give it a read, folks!

    OK, until the blog acts properly, I'm outta here. Maybe see you here later today, maybe not until tomorrow... have a great Monday.

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