Friday, May 11, 2007

  • Ah, I see on Neil's blog that Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie are getting married tomorrow.
  • Congrats on that, hope Neil has a great trip, and -- well, I'm happy for 'em. My last-ever trip to the UK was graced by a marvelous stay in Northampton with Alan and Melinda (a couple of years before the irrevocable falling-out with Alan), and I really loved Melinda. It was fun having the opportunity to work with both of them on the initial stages of Lost Girls, throughout its Taboo launch, and I wish them the best in their life ahead, together. Congrats, Alan and Melinda.

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    Zombies Land at British Con!

    All Not Yet Eaten, But Give Them Time...

    Just got a couple of emails this week from Accent UK's Colin Mathieson -- the Zombies anthology arrived hot from the presses from the printer, and Colin is overjoyed.

    He wrote Thursday, "Just a quick note Steve to let you and the CCS students know that Zombies is back from the printers and looks absolutely awesome!

    The print quality and new UK format is really effective and showcases everyones work a treat and as for the cover, well with the standout red and white on top of your image, it really is something and guaranteed to stand out at Bristol this weekend."

    Yep, Zombies makes its world debut this weekend at the Bristol International Comic Expo in Bristol, England. (For those who care, this marks my 'return' to comics for most folks, though my retirement from the US comics industry stands.)

    "We'll take plenty of photos and post a report on our site afterwards which I'll forward to you," Colin writes, "and there should also be some of the Danish guys from last year's Copenhagen festival (where Zombies of course was given life!) so will pass on your hellos too."

    Thanks, please do, and as you read this Colin and his Accent UK compadre Dave West are already en route or setting up at Bristol. Here's the scoop, for any of you reading who are in the UK:

    The UK's premiere comics event, THE BRISTOL INTERNATIONAL COMIC EXPO, returns for its ninth year on the 12th & 13th May 2007 at the British Empire & Commonwealth Exhibition Hall and Ramada Plaza Hotel, Bristol, UK.

    Home of the Eagle Awards, panels, workshops, cream teas and scones with many guests including Dave Gibbons, Kurt Busiek, Brian Vaughan, Jeffrey Brown, Ian Gibson, Bryan Talbot, Charlie Adlard, Duncan Fegredo, Jean-Pierre Dionnet and many more.

    Loads of indie creators including of course Accent UK's much anticipated launch of Zombies, a bumper 168 page anthology of all things Zombies from a host of European and North and South American creators who prove there's still 'life' in the undead genre yet!

    Accent UK are also releasing
    Wolfmen, an original tale of Gangsters, London, Horror, intrigue and surprises from Dave West and Andy Bloor.

    Zombies will retail for $10 and Wolfmen's 56 pages at $5 with very limited sketchbook editions also available at the show.

  • Further details on Bristol are posted here, at this link,
  • and here's the Accent UK site.

  • Ah, there 'tis. Zombies is out at last, and I'm eager to see it -- the copies for CCS and myself and my son Dan will be on the way next week. I'll have some copies to sell via my new website (its debut 'US exclusive') -- More info soon!

    Have a great Friday, one and all...

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