Wednesday, April 18, 2007

More Totleben Awaits You...

  •, at Bob McLeod's Rough Stuff website.
  • More art Bob couldn't fit into Rough Stuff #4 (see yesterday's post), plus John's comments. Check it out!

    Other insider info:
  • Tim and Donna Lucas's Mario Bava book is almost a reality! They just posted these photos of themselves with the ozalids of the book (check it out, especially if you need to know what ozalids are).

  • How cool is that?

    Amazing, too, that lifelong Wizard of Oz fan Donna is now savoring "ozalids" of her and Tim's own creation -- I'm amazed there was never a drug dealer who adopted the term (though it likely didn't exist pre-digital era). It all fits together, somehow.

    Ah, it's closer to reality -- and to my own bookshelf! -- and it's looking more than ever like the ass-kicking book of the year! Heartfelt congrats, Tim and Donna! Thanks for posting the pix and update!

    That's a lot of book! Tim sez, "Do not drop this book on your cat!"

    More post later today -- gotta run!

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