Wednesday, April 18, 2007

More Totleben Awaits You...

  •, at Bob McLeod's Rough Stuff website.
  • More art Bob couldn't fit into Rough Stuff #4 (see yesterday's post), plus John's comments. Check it out!

    Other insider info:
  • Tim and Donna Lucas's Mario Bava book is almost a reality! They just posted these photos of themselves with the ozalids of the book (check it out, especially if you need to know what ozalids are).

  • How cool is that?

    Amazing, too, that lifelong Wizard of Oz fan Donna is now savoring "ozalids" of her and Tim's own creation -- I'm amazed there was never a drug dealer who adopted the term (though it likely didn't exist pre-digital era). It all fits together, somehow.

    Ah, it's closer to reality -- and to my own bookshelf! -- and it's looking more than ever like the ass-kicking book of the year! Heartfelt congrats, Tim and Donna! Thanks for posting the pix and update!

    That's a lot of book! Tim sez, "Do not drop this book on your cat!"

    More post later today -- gotta run!

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    Blogger dogboy443 said...

    UNbelievable Totleben art! THe pencil roughs are amazing and the cover was one of the most dramatic pieces I've seen. The lizard actually looks like the amalgem of man and lizard...not some hulking lizard monstosity. Fine work from John T!

    Blogger HemlockMan said...

    Damn. That IS a lot of book!


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