Sunday, April 15, 2007

Good Lord, Now What is Jesus Telling Me?

And still, they tempt me!

Man, I don't ever, ever want to hear about how Gay Marriage is a threat to hetero marriage again -- these Christian dating services are a far, far greater intrusion into my home life and threat to the sanctity of my marriage! They're getting blonder...

Have a great Sunday, one and all...

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Blogger HemlockMan said...

No comment.

Blogger rlsims said...

Hey Steve,

I've been rereading my old Swamp Thing comics and Taboo volumes recently, and found your site on a whim. Glad I did!

Did you ever find your Criswell book? I bought a copy of Your Next Ten Years from ABE, and had a huge surprise when I looked in the front cover. I knew if was supposed to be signed, but the seller didn't mention details. I don't know if it's legit or not, but the bookseller was in LA... Take a look, if you care/dare:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey roadside.. i have roamed those antique isles many a time.. and got some nice stuff..glad to see you there and good luck.... your a dinosaur.... yesdearb

Blogger Joe said...

I do not understand this website. Is it about Christian dating or something. I have no idea how I ended up here, but it is confusing me.

Anonymous Stephen Bissette said...

Joe, we don't understand it either. Ever.

[PS: This is cartoonist Steve Bissette's old blog; Bissette drew comics like SWAMP THING and 1963, edited/published TABOO, and wrote/drew/self-published TYRANT. You might find this site interesting, but maybe not—this Christian dating post was a joke of sorts, responding to weird spam I was receiving in 2007!]


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