Thursday, March 29, 2007

Little Gray Dot --

-- that's what Mark Martin keeps posting to note the utter insignificance of the various scandals and outrages manifesting around this clusterfuck Presidency.

He's right.

More Americans know and care about (with collective necrophile obsessiveness) the ongoing Anna Nichol Smith clusterfuck than know, care about or even recognize the name "Alberto Gonzales." Fantasy scenarios about Katie and Tom and their baby and Scientologist doctrine and 5-hour-sauna-torture-of-Katie, and Brad and Angelina, or poor Johnny Depp's daughter ("The Agony of Johnny Depp!") are more pressing than the War(s), Abu Ghraib, Guantanemo, than tax cuts and -- well, you get the idea.

But that doesn't mean you ignore the reality, join the lunacy.

All I'm focused on yesterday and today week is CCS and our visitor Rob Walton.

Having a great, productive week, or so I think; really solid pair of sessions with the students yesterday, I think -- but all that matters, really, is what the students have to say about it amongst themselves, which I'll likely never know.

Seemed to go OK, though. Inking demo was fun, too -- Rob inks Bissette pencils, Bissette inks Rob pencils, tips and taps. Staging exercises. Sharing info, knowledge.

That matters.

Have a great Thursday -- gotta run!

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