Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What Mark Martin Wants,
Mark Martin Gets

(except for Condi)

You want an explanation for this image,
  • visit Mark Martin's glorious website and go exploring.

  • I'm just realizing what was apparently his fondest wish one morning -- January 14th, 2007, to be exact. Sorry it took so long, Mark, but I really had to get that Pan's Labyrinth review done first!

    But -- What About My Head?

    And, a recap (redecap?) of Mark Martin's glorious Blog Opera, which was serialized
  • at Mark's magnificent blog, "Jabberous," late last year.

  • All this sturm und drang, then -- nada.

    My head, abandoned, in midair, like Tyrant's sibling on Eggsucker's tongue. Forever dangling, dangling.

    I am crestfallen (pun intended).

    Here's the sequence, in total, depicting my vain effort to save my dear amigo G. Michael Dobbs (aka Mike Dobbs aka Mayo Blot) -- well, his head, anyway. My greatest disappointment: no Brain That Wouldn't Die in-jokes. Read it and weep.

    Panel the First

    Panel the Second

    Panel the Third

    Panel the Fourth

    ...and t-t-t-that's all, folks!

    PS: Note Mark's and Mike's ongoing revulsion at
  • my papers and collections at Henderson State University and the HUIE Library Special Collections.

  • It's a constant dig (in more ways than one!), but one I know that comes from profound and malingering envy. Mark's papers were to be stored at the Clinton Library in nearby Little Rock, Arkansas, but that fell through -- and with President Bush reclassifying declassified materials, it's likely Mark's highly-sensitive papers will be forever buried, perhaps with him.

    Anyhoot, since I've linked to all Mark's online universe, it's only appropo
  • I do the same for Mike, kicking off with his venerable "Out of the Inkwell" blog,

  • bopping over to his "That's Thirty" journalism site,

  • and winding up at his ongoing Fleischer Brothers book-in-progress blog, "Made of Pen and Ink."

  • Mike's papers are -- well, out weekly. In Massachusetts. Five of 'em. That he edits. Weeklies. Got it?

    I'm outta here -- more later!

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