Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What Mark Martin Wants,
Mark Martin Gets

(except for Condi)

You want an explanation for this image,
  • visit Mark Martin's glorious website and go exploring.

  • I'm just realizing what was apparently his fondest wish one morning -- January 14th, 2007, to be exact. Sorry it took so long, Mark, but I really had to get that Pan's Labyrinth review done first!

    But -- What About My Head?

    And, a recap (redecap?) of Mark Martin's glorious Blog Opera, which was serialized
  • at Mark's magnificent blog, "Jabberous," late last year.

  • All this sturm und drang, then -- nada.

    My head, abandoned, in midair, like Tyrant's sibling on Eggsucker's tongue. Forever dangling, dangling.

    I am crestfallen (pun intended).

    Here's the sequence, in total, depicting my vain effort to save my dear amigo G. Michael Dobbs (aka Mike Dobbs aka Mayo Blot) -- well, his head, anyway. My greatest disappointment: no Brain That Wouldn't Die in-jokes. Read it and weep.

    Panel the First

    Panel the Second

    Panel the Third

    Panel the Fourth

    ...and t-t-t-that's all, folks!

    PS: Note Mark's and Mike's ongoing revulsion at
  • my papers and collections at Henderson State University and the HUIE Library Special Collections.

  • It's a constant dig (in more ways than one!), but one I know that comes from profound and malingering envy. Mark's papers were to be stored at the Clinton Library in nearby Little Rock, Arkansas, but that fell through -- and with President Bush reclassifying declassified materials, it's likely Mark's highly-sensitive papers will be forever buried, perhaps with him.

    Anyhoot, since I've linked to all Mark's online universe, it's only appropo
  • I do the same for Mike, kicking off with his venerable "Out of the Inkwell" blog,

  • bopping over to his "That's Thirty" journalism site,

  • and winding up at his ongoing Fleischer Brothers book-in-progress blog, "Made of Pen and Ink."

  • Mike's papers are -- well, out weekly. In Massachusetts. Five of 'em. That he edits. Weeklies. Got it?

    I'm outta here -- more later!

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    Blogger Mike Dobbs said...

    Papers? Papers? Hey, I've got stinkin papers! My collection of film stills, books, animation files, interview tapes, etc., will probably to UMass. Naturally I doubt they will warrant a wing of a building as the Bissette collection needs, since I'm not a famous artist whose mere touch transforms an ordinary item into an object of significance for academics.

    Yes, Mark need to resolve the issue of our heads. I'm not that fat, though. Really.

    Blogger dogboy443 said...


    What have become of my friends. Obviously the Other Mark M isn't working so hard at C. Bete as he should be. They must think he's some kind of piece of work over there. Beautiful stuff MM. I'm freakin' speechless.

    The Other Mark M.

    Blogger Tim Lucas said...

    "Click to Embiggen."

    That was worth the trip over here!

    Blogger Marky Mark said...

    See what you miss when you miss jabberous?

    More to come. You ain't over yet. Nor Dobbs.

    I'll alert you when blogopera returns to the cyberwaves.

    mmmmm... Condi...

    Blogger HemlockMan said...

    That there was purty darn goot.

    Blogger SRBissette said...

    Dang, not only do I not know what's happened to my head, the ding-dang blogger via Google won't allow me to post this morning. Not that you're missing much.

    Scroll on down to my Monday post and you'll see what I'm up to tonight, for those interested.


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