Saturday, January 27, 2007

Weekend Retreat:
Meet the CCSers!
(First in a Series)

First off, last night's opening of the Fine Toon Vt Cartoonists exhibition at the Helen Day Art Gallery
in Stowe, VT was a real treat (see yesterday's post for links, info). It's definitely the most expansive and
comprehensive collection of Green Mountain cartoonists to date, and the gallery has given the major
portion of their opulent spread to this selection of work. Don't miss this show!
More info, photos, the coming weeks, for sure.

I meant to post links to the various Center for Cartoon Studies student sites some time ago, but the vagaries of dial-up-only access in my prior Marlboro digs and the complications of the past couple of months (the move!) kept me from seeing to it.

With the permission of those listed, here's a snapshot of just some of the students cooking up a whole new generation's worth of trouble in the inky universe!

In no particular order, here's today's lineup:


...the behemoth that wails
and beats its chest in the night,
wielding all that is and can be carved
from that which can only be called
  • Fresh-meat (freshman) Joe Lambert (aka Sleepy Joe) and his Amazing Electric Congtulabufabulon!

  • GASP! all that can be found
    beneath & beyond
    the realm of that
    which has been
    spawned by
  • Ambulatory Andrew Arnold and his Stunning Kickapooflibejaba Ray!

  • SEE!

    All that is both
    Holy and Unholy,
    tearing holes in the
    very fabric of reality
    with mere paper clips
    and permutations
    from the ashes of Pompeii,
    erupting from
  • The Mortifying Prefabulations of Morgan Pielli!


    The Brain-Spew
    that claims all that is
    not its own as its own,
    consuming the rubble of
    the Box that Ate Everything
    That the Bag Ate
    and more, more, insatiably more
    as YOU flee
    the unslakeable
    appetites that rule...
  • The ReDisorienting Universe of He-Known-As-Dane! (Martin, that is)

  • SEE!

    Erupting from
    unimaginable realms
    of the Unspeakable
    and Unspoken,
    the Unseen
    and Unheard,
    the Irrepressible
    and the
  • That Which Can Only Be Created via the two-headed, four-limbed wonder known as Colleen Frakes & Jon-Mikel Gates!

  • More tomorrah,
    including my movie viewing tips
    Pan's Labyrinth, etc.)
    plus pix of the new Bissette digs
    (the viewing room carpentry is done at last!)
    ... and more!

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