Thursday, January 11, 2007

Update around 3 PM:

  • Robert Gates and President Bush have been busy bees: Our forces just seized the Iranian consulate in Northern Iraq
  • and have reportedly "kidnapped" Iranian civilians/workers in this audacious raid.

    My dear friend Jean-Marc Lofficier also sent me
  • this link to the Daily Kos thread on the raid,
  • adding: "Obviously looking to manufacture a casus belli. Shitstorm's coming, I tell ya."

    Via news reports on the radio (en route moving another load from Marlboro), I hear that both American and Kurdish military forces -- our allies! -- had guns cocked and aimed at one another, and US troops waited in this tension a full hour before "some" were airlifted out via helicopters.

    Coming on the heels of Monday's Somalia air raid and last night's speech, this is incredibly fucking dangerous shit going down. This is madness -- we are attacking the few allies we have left! Flashing on images of scorpions, ant hills and burning straw (see The Wild Bunch), I feel like we're collectively plunging down the rabbit hole...

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    Bush, Whacked.

    The Plan:

    PS: For anyone who cares: I gave it a shot. Really, I did. I made it past the expected 9/11 reference (despite its complete irrelevance to the Iraq War, per Bush's own admissions), and into the next ten minutes -- and then my gorge rose too high and I just couldn't listen to any more of his utter bullshit.

    The man is insane. Our commander-in-chief couldn't come up with a new strategy if we collectively held a gun to his head. We are so fucked, as is the Middle East.

    Bush, Whacked.

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