Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bush, Whacked.

The Plan:

PS: For anyone who cares: I gave it a shot. Really, I did. I made it past the expected 9/11 reference (despite its complete irrelevance to the Iraq War, per Bush's own admissions), and into the next ten minutes -- and then my gorge rose too high and I just couldn't listen to any more of his utter bullshit.

The man is insane. Our commander-in-chief couldn't come up with a new strategy if we collectively held a gun to his head. We are so fucked, as is the Middle East.

Bush, Whacked.

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Anonymous Jamie Meyer said...

My favorite part was when he said the Iraqis and US troops will go 'door to door' throughout Baghdad. I figure it would go something like this:
*knock knock*
Iraqi Resident: "(in Arabic) Who is it?"
US Troops: "(in English) Um... What?"
Iraqis: "(in broken English) Who is there?"
US Troops: "It's the USA calling. We have a wonderful new product we'd like to show you. It's called Democracy."
Iraqis: "Um, No thank you. My husband isn't home and I'd rather not open the door."
US Troops: "OK, we'll just come back later with some tanks."

At least that's the image I'm sure Bush has in his tiny, tiny little mind.

I spent the whole time thinking, "I don't believe a single word he says."

Anonymous Lupin said...

I've been waiting for the Road Warrior world since 1981! I've even built a turbo interceptor with pneumatic, multi-barrel arrow guns mounted on the quater panels! JOin me Steve, I'll let you ride bitch.


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