Tuesday, October 24, 2006

And now, it's working --

-- so we'll see how long this lasts!
Latest on the Blog Woes:
"...a new server which has no ending..."

This from Marlboro computer guru Jane Wilde, who is working to repair the site and this blog. Amazing!

I've edited this missive slightly, but here's what Jane got from the blog support folks, which shows it isn't just my blog suffering of late:

Problems encountered

We have been battling a migration to a new server which has no ending. The old server IP for web host manager is -----------------...

The new server is WHM ----------------- ... our help desk is one week behind in dealing with the hundreds of help desk tickets that have been spawned by this problem. We have attempted to hire help with no success. The reality is, if your site is down, it needs to be moved to the new server. We do not have the man power to move the site in a timely manner and I suggest that you log into the old servers cpanel and download the backup file, and log into the new server and upload the same backup file. Otherwise it could take up to a week for us to do it. The wwwroot20 server has in two weeks lost the motherboard and main drive to an overheating problem, then The backups were put into a new server in the same data center. A new server was built and placed into our Indiana data center and sites were migrated to it. The sites currently reside in that server, although due to data corruption in the GNAX server not all sites could be moved. And the backup drive on the wwwroot20 server at GNAX has also died as of a few days ago.

The new wwwroot20 server is a brand new dual core opteron with striped and mirrored hard drives and the reliability of this setup makes the server nearly guaranteed to be trouble free, and sites were migrated there because we no longer have any confidence in GNAX to handle these hardware problems in a timely manner, or even to have the hardware in stock.

This unusual problem has been made worse by two other servers going down, a recent cpanel security update destroying many functions of CPanel, not once but every twelve hours on all 20 servers for a few days. And a brand new server's MySQL which did not work out of the box. In a month everything should be back to normal, barring any new surprises, but right now there are long waits for support, and it will not get any better this week. Calling will do no good as we are all working on current problems. We can answer the phone until phone requests add so many hours to the work queue that it is pointless to continue to add to it. Very sorry for the trouble, but that is the way it is at the moment.

Well, there you have it -- more news as we have it, posted for you once & as we can do so...
Ah, Screw the Course

The President's change in strategy in Iraq is --
  • which, by the way, is not a change in strategy -- he will no longer say, "Stay the Course."

  • How can Tony Snow keep a straight face and deliver this sick gag?
    Can this get any loopier?
    Can we all vote this party out of power, please?