Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bullshit. No way will even the stupidest people in this country (i.e., the ones who voted for Gee Dubya twice) put up with the idea of a draft. Prez never mad no mention of no sacrifice, on any level. We take him at his non-word.

Blogger HemlockMan said...

If there's a draft you have only a few choices.

Most choose not to struggle with the system and they just go along and end up as soldiers.

There's always Canada, of course. Or CO status (fat chance). Or prison.

Blogger Marky Mark said...

You're so cussy!

Blogger Mike Dobbs said...

I avoided the draft by one year. As the son of a career military officer I had no delusions about what my life would have been and a conscript in the military.

This is a very serious discussion (a proposed draft) consider the sword-rattling going on about Iran.

Bush supporters either want to ignore what the implications of a wider war in the Middle East would be or they are honestly believe that killing innocent people is the answer....650,000 Iraqis ain't enough.

During Vietnam people elected to go into the reserves or the National Guard thinking that way they could still serve their countryt without facign combat. As we all know now, that is not a viable strategy.

If my dad was alive he'd be livid at Bush...but what did he know? He only served his country in three wars, two as a bomber pilot. He didn't have the President's distinguished military career.

Blogger HemlockMan said...

Bush. Not only a draft-dodger, but a deserter, too!

(Not that I have a problem with those who dodged the draft. Only with those who did and later came to endorse mass murder.)


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