Friday, March 03, 2006

Apple Scrapple Daddy

Whew, got home last night from CCS and collapsed, dog tired.

Slept like a wee puppy and woke refreshed and raring to go. Peed on my papers and had some dog chow and it's all OK now. Walkees!

I'll be posting off and on today and tomorrow, piecemeal. So tune in off and on yourself...
Correction and more links

Hey, correction on the title of Dan's upcoming zine title: it's Hot Chicks Take Huge Shits. Gosh. Sorry.

More info on the Italian Fulci book Dan and I contributed to, compliments of Smoky Man, awaits you
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    This hasn't anything to do with me, but it's cool: Chris Staros of Top Shelf just wrote:

    "Starting today, you can see a free preview of the first animation of Jeffrey Brown's work, a video for the Grammy nominated alternative rock band DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE. The video is part of their 'Directions' project, which will feature a video for each song from their latest album, Plans. Jeffrey wrote the semi-autobiographical story for the song 'Your Heart Is An Empty Room', and produced the images that were then animated by Eliza Chincarini. The 'Directions' DVD will be on sale in stores on April 11, but you can see Jeffrey's video now through March 5 at

  • Brown has two new autobiographical works out via Top Shelf, Every Girl is the End of the World For Me (reportedly the epilogue to his "Girlfriend Trilogy") and I Am Going to Be Small.

    I also thought it worth mentioning fellow CCS instructor James Kochalka has landed a tune with the Fox Network's sitcom The Loop. I'm told by James Sturm that our fellow faculty member is overjoyed; so tune in to hear "Hockey Monkey" when The Loop debuts on Wednesday, March 15th at 9:30 PM Eastern Standard Time (& on its regular slot 8:30 PM on Thursdays).

    John Carlin is on The Diane Rehm Show archives talking about the controversial "Master of American Comics" exhibit he curated, and that interview is
  • here
  • (link compliments of Michael Dooley); check it out.

    Al Nickerson has a new link up with Dave Sim's latest letter,
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  • I think Dave's full of shit on the whole Marvelman/Miracleman issue, though I understand he's talking about the rights to the character and concept, not the body of work which is still the property of Alan Moore, Gary Leach, Alan Davis, John Totleben, Rick Veitch, Neil Gaiman, etc. -- or at least, I hope he's not talking about the entire Miracleman canon. To my mind, Todd McFarlane has been 100% in the wrong since day one on this issue, and has only continued to act like a bully and lout. But, hey, that's just me.

    BTW, the creator's rights message board Al is constructing will launch on March 6th -- will announce it properly here and provide the link!

    It's endlessly fascinating to me how Bush touts competition, democracy and free markets (most recently in his blather from his India junket, talking about the outsourcing of US jobs to India) when he himself -- and his Administration and family -- have so aggressively squelched all three.

    His latest fave derogatory catchphrase is "protectionism," refuting critics of various policies as being "isolationist" and "protectionist," with the blinkered audacity of one who fails to recognize both terms apply with unerring accuracy to his every word and move throughout his Presidency.

    In every imaginable manner, Bush has, since being sworn into office, refused to listen to views other than his own or his cabal's; ignored and actively subverted the methods and mechanisms of democracy when they are against his or his circle's prescribed interests; and erected an imposing (but thankfully not as effective as imagined) wall of secrecy around his actions and inactions.

    The "competition of ideas" Bush touts is exactly what he has consistently avoided.

    BTW, the Bush/Katrina story continues to evolve -- I'll stick with 'neutral' sources for the benefit of those concerned about the biases of some online venues, and simply offer this (it's on the "Crooks & Liars" site -- nevertheless, the AP video report is accessible there)
  • AP video report.
  • Keep an eye on this as it develops; the White House spin is furiously seeking to divert culpability (as they did as the storm was hammering the Gulf coast) on regional authorities, as multiple news stories yesterday and today demonstrate.

    Don't forgot Bush himself took full responsibility for any failures.

    Let's hold him to his words at last -- and follow through.