Monday, February 13, 2006

Monday Morning Odds & Ends...

Well, it's happened: I was on the New Hampshire Public Radio program The Exchange, talking for about ten minutes about the Danish Mohammed cartoon controversy, the context of comics history and censorship, and a little on Taboo. There wasn't time to counter many of the points raised earlier in the program by the other guests -- including the spreading misnomer that the notorious Falwell vs. Flynt case that made it to the Supreme Court was over a cartoon (it was a rude but clearly-labelled-as-such satiric ad using photos, not cartoons) -- and a few things I was hoping to touch upon went by the wayside. Did the best I could in the few minutes I had to work with -- you can now check it out yourself at
  • NHPR's The Exchange.

  • For those interested, I'll post my thoughts (and some surprising research results) on the Danish cartoon matter later in the week, as time permits.

    The AP online story headlines how the victim of Vice President Dick Cheney's hunting accident is "very stable" -- what I want to know is, how stable is Cheney?

    Of course, we've wanted to know that for a long time...
    So, I was out hunting with my pal Dick Cheney...

    Now I understand Cheney's war policies:

    He was shooting at the other thing!