Thursday, November 10, 2005

And Soon the Office...

Between the wind and lightning and rain storms yesterday, and the two coats of paint I splashed onto the walls & ceiling (and floor and me) of the new office/studio/library room, and the pleasure of hanging with my son Dan for the afternoon and early evening, I didn't even approach the computers yesterday except to unplug them completely when a bolt of lightning hit nearby. Sparks flew and there was a loud 'pop', sharp enough to prompt the mass unplugging of tech equipment in every corner of the house. That was the first bolt to hit -- before that all we'd had was rain and wind -- but it was enough. Luckily, everything seems to be working fine this morning.

Before the storm hit, though, Dan and I enjoyed the new Blue Underground DVD release of an old drive-in fave of mine, Tombs of the Blind Dead, which was big fun. More on that later, too. After Marj got home, we enjoyed our first sit-down dinner together at home since Dan moved out earlier this fall, and it was big fun, too. Drove Dan back to town in the hammering rain with a bag of video bootie (giving him some of my old big-box horror vids), then home again home again to jiggedy-jig the second coat of paint in the new room before collapsing around midnight.

So, catchup post later this morning. Until then, the eagerly-anticipated, sorely-needed room awaits the next stage, underway as I type this, of the massive shelving construction (being done by the good folks at Rise Up Builders, Olivier and Elliott, who have done top-notch work for us before). Soon, soon, I'll be in my new work space!