Thursday, November 10, 2005

And Soon the Office...

Between the wind and lightning and rain storms yesterday, and the two coats of paint I splashed onto the walls & ceiling (and floor and me) of the new office/studio/library room, and the pleasure of hanging with my son Dan for the afternoon and early evening, I didn't even approach the computers yesterday except to unplug them completely when a bolt of lightning hit nearby. Sparks flew and there was a loud 'pop', sharp enough to prompt the mass unplugging of tech equipment in every corner of the house. That was the first bolt to hit -- before that all we'd had was rain and wind -- but it was enough. Luckily, everything seems to be working fine this morning.

Before the storm hit, though, Dan and I enjoyed the new Blue Underground DVD release of an old drive-in fave of mine, Tombs of the Blind Dead, which was big fun. More on that later, too. After Marj got home, we enjoyed our first sit-down dinner together at home since Dan moved out earlier this fall, and it was big fun, too. Drove Dan back to town in the hammering rain with a bag of video bootie (giving him some of my old big-box horror vids), then home again home again to jiggedy-jig the second coat of paint in the new room before collapsing around midnight.

So, catchup post later this morning. Until then, the eagerly-anticipated, sorely-needed room awaits the next stage, underway as I type this, of the massive shelving construction (being done by the good folks at Rise Up Builders, Olivier and Elliott, who have done top-notch work for us before). Soon, soon, I'll be in my new work space!


Blogger Mike Dobbs said...

Thank God...without the daily blog entry I thought you had been eaten by a bear or something equally Vermont-ian.

I was going to call Marj and make her an offer on the DVD collection.

I'm glad you're still alive...sort've got some cool DVDs I don't have.

Blogger SRBissette said...

To quote Michael Hurley and the Unholy Modal Rounders, "Don't You Monkey With My Widow When I'm Gone!"

My DVDs?? You wouldn't know WHAT TO DO with MY DVDs! You candyass "ooooh, I can't stand animals-in-jeopardy", unappreciative of human freaks in cinema, gore-skirting, OLGA/ILSA flinchin', THE LITTLEST HOBO-shirkin', squeamish quivering rat-soup drinkin' muffinfluffer!

Blogger Mike Dobbs said...

Do you realize that you compare your DVD collection to your spouse with the use of that quote?

If you're going to use the phrase, it's "no-show muffin wrapper."

And yes, I would know what to do with the Ilsa, etc. DVDs. They would be great in skeet shooting.


Blogger SRBissette said...

Well, that sinks it. I'm changing my will. Not a DVD goes to you, wee mayo-lovin' lad.


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