Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Old Myrant Is Dead; Long Live the New Myrant!

Welcome to the archived original Myrant blog! 

Though this blog was supplanted with an entirely new venue as of April of 2008, I've kept it all in reach -- with well over 800 posts, including lots of in-depth essays, articles and interviews still here to enjoy.

I'm posting this Fall 2009 update just to bring new visitors up to snuff. 

I've lots of new published work out, lots of news --

  • First off: A reminder to all that my current (posting daily since April 2008!) website and blog, the new improved Myrant, is over here -- click this link and enjoy the view! Add the current Myrant blog and site to your daily lineup.

  • The new, improved Myrant features lots of material I could never post on this old Myrant venue, including artwork, sketches for sale, and lots, lots more. Go and explore!

  • I also have plenty of sketches and original art (published and published) for sale at all times at the ComicArtFans.com gallery (click this link).

  • * My latest published work is The Vermont Monster Guide -- written by my friend & New England folklorist extraordinaire Joseph A. Citro, illustrated (with over 80 new illos!) by yours truly.

    Vermont Monster Guide cover artwork by Stephen R. Bissette; color and digital production by Cayetano 'Cat' Garza, Jr.; ©2009 Stephen R. Bissette & Cayetano Garza, Jr., all rights reserved.

  • Joe and I are on tour promoting The Vermont Monster Guide throughout the rest of 2009 -- here's the dedicated Vermont Monster Guide page, jam-packed with tour dates, info and links; step-by-step 'how we did it' info and artwork; photos, links and all manner of monstrous delights.

  • I've also posted a section dedicated to showcasing Bissette drawing demonstration videos, revealing how illustrations in the Vermont Monster Guide were inked -- another feature we couldn't ever accommodate on this original Myrant blog, now integral to the new, improved Myrant site.

  • Other new book projects worthy of your attention:

    * The upcoming (November 2009) paperback edition of Prince of Stories: The Many Worlds of Neil Gaiman (co-authored by yours truly, Hank Wagner and Christopher Golden);

    * My new short story "Copper" debuts in the forthcoming anthology The New Dead (coming February 2010 from St. Martin's Press); I also did the cover art and interior color illustrations (in collaboration with Ignatz Award-winning artist Cayetano 'Cat' Garza, Jr.) in the Subterranean Press signed-and-limited hardcover limited edition of The New Dead (also coming in 2010).

    * A plethora of new comics work, artwork and articles by yours truly in various Center for Cartoon Studies and Trees & Hills New England Comics collective anthologies (visit the new, improved Myrant's September 2009 posts for previews, art, info and links to buy!).

    * I also have many new works being published by my good friends at Black Coat Press, with two new book series forthcoming in 2010.

  • If you enjoy my essays, articles and interviews here at the archived Myrant (and the new Myrant), be sure to check out my Black Coat Press book series S.R. Bissette's Blur -- currently up to five volumes (over 1200 pages!), collecting my complete writings on film, video, DVD and media. The latest volume, Blur Volume 5: Blog-O-Scope, begins the archiving in print of my finest blog essays -- this venue won't be archived forever, so pick up your set of Blur today!

  • SR Bissette's Blur Volume 5: Blog-O-Scope cover art by Stephen R. Bissette; cover design by Jon-Mikel Gates; ©2009 Stephen R. Bissette and Jon-Mikel Gates, all rights reserved.

    It's still quite a record of my first extensive online experiment in writing and creating a (mostly) daily journal -- Enjoy.

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