Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hey, all --

Cat has made the major change! The new blog (and site) is up and running!

From NOW ON, change your bookmark to:

  • this link! The new website is now the home for the blog!

  • Cat has busted through the first major hurdle and done the initial rehaul. More to come, but use the above link from now on!

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    That's it, Happy Easter. Have a great one, one and all.

    Blog & Website Revisions --

    -- are underway. Cat and I are amid the spasms of change here, bear with the results and speedbumps, please! These may toss the blog and site up in the air and send 'em crashing down now and again, but it's all soon under control and will be highly improved. Big changes coming, all for the better!

    More to follow later today... as time permits.