Saturday, March 01, 2008

You Axed For It! FM #1 For You!
Famous Monsters of Filmland #1 Limited Edition Reprint is Out Now!

I meant to post this earlier this week, in part as a followup to my Cinema 57 posts in February, in part due to the anniversary of the wintery debut of the historic Famous Monsters of Filmland #1 this past week, but Tim Lucas beat me to it.

In short,
  • here's the link to the Famous Monsters site order page for this limited edition reprint of a slice of horror history.

  • Bless him, here's Tim Lucas's Video Watchblog post, which says all I intended to say, only better. Give it a read.

  • Then, if you can swing the $40, give FM #1 a read. My copy's on the way.

    (More Saturday posts to follow as the day wears on...)


    Coins of the Realm

    Three inches of snow thus far, and still falling. Another winter storm.

    A proper post later today, but now, my stepson Mike is just pulling into the driveway and we've got work to do in the basement (the library/writing office to be); so, until the post proper, let's
  • ring in the pre-election change while it's still relevant.

  • Stay on your feet today --

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