Tuesday, February 19, 2008

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things...

...well, today, anyway. For you, a few diversions to brighten your Tuesday AM. Well, except for the last one. That won't brighten anyone's Tuesday, save for bovine sadists.

  • Fave new blog: Rick Veitch's all-art, all-visuals blog,
  • which includes a 50th birthday card for amigo John Totleben (Happy Birthday, John -- yep, he made the half-century mark the rest of us passed years ago) and info and art from Heartburst, soon in stores!

  • Fave new paleo find that I wish I could tie into Tyrant (wrong continent): Devil Toad.
  • Will anyone at Marvel Comics be sharp enough to see the instant possibilities for a certain red dino hero, or are they too hung-up on making the Hulk red like N-Man?

  • Fave conspiracy of my lifetime, revived with what might be a few pages from a Larry Buchanan film (The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald -- go ahead, look it up!).
  • No wonder Buchanan switched gears to less controversial fare like Mars Needs Women and It's Alive! (1968) and remaking old AIP scripts.

  • Fave reminder why I don't eat beef, and how attentive our agencies are to the pending US mad cow crisis.
  • Not for the squeamish, folks.

    Tempted on a Tuesday --

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