Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Grindhouse Memories!

Bissette in VW #136 & Bissette Podcast Redux

Yep, I'm blathering anew!

Ah, 42nd Street -- the Deuce! -- then...

Inspired by
  • the latest issue of Video Watchdog (#136), in which I participate in a round table discussion of 2007's double-feature opus Grindhouse,
  • David Kraus and I chat about the real grindhouse experience -- and the more New England-centric (for me) heyday of the drive-ins and 'nabes' (neighborhood theaters) --
  • -- tap some "Grindhouse Memories" over at Dave's Nine Panel Nerds podcast site, and hope you enjoy it.

  • If you do, post your comments at that site, please, and let Dave know if you'd like more podcast conversations with yours truly -- and what you'd most like us to talk about next!

  • Nine Panel Nerds has lots of good listening already in its archives, check it out.

  • ...and 42nd Street (shiver) now. Which is scarier to you?

    If you haven't been here since Monday night or Tuesday AM, be sure to check out yesterday's looooooooong post, the first in a series on more of my favorite DVD series and boxed sets of 2007 -- and a special announcement on the burial of Coffin Joe!

    The New Hampshire primaries are over at last; Hilary for the Dems, McGain for the Republicans. The election year is underway; are you registered to vote?

    Back to fave books of 2007, alternating with more on fave DVD sets and series of '07, in the days ahead. I've got a full day of meetings ahead of me amid the crash-course final stretch of duties on this phase of The Neil Gaiman Companion, so I'll most likely be gone from here for a day or two, folks.

    You've got plenty to read/listen to until then, though...
    enjoy, have a whacky Wednesday!

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