Friday, December 21, 2007

Another CCS Semester Passeth...
...and another cometh thoon

Whew -- another fantastic semester of CCS, behind me. Behind all of us. I've just finished my grading, and prepped for today's faculty meeting -- prep for the next semester, well underway. The freshmen finished their first group anthologies, and they're amazing; the seniors are all hard at work on their thesis projects, and it's all in their hands (literally) now.

Later today, I will (hopefully) be lunching with CCS alumni Ross Wood Studlar and his brother, here in the area to clear out Ross's storage area in Ascutney as he moves into his next life phase, shedding the cement cocoon. Alumni Elizabeth Chasalow and Jacob Jarvela will be up this weekend, too, and I hope to get together with them, too. And who else might show up? Time will tell...

So, have a fab Friday, one and all, and enjoy the holiday weekend, one way or another.

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