Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Buy Center for Cartoon Studies Art & Comics Today:
CCS Auction Ends Today!
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  • The auction is here, and still has a few hours to run -- it ends today! Bid fast, bid often -- it's for a good cause, and offers unique goodies!

  • This holiday season auction offers four unique Center for Cartoon Studies posters, meaning if you win, you've got enough for your wall and amazing art to give away to loved ones as Christmas gifts.

    The two posters were silkscreened images, and hence limited run and unique; the printed Seth art is unique in that its an untrimmed and signed (by Seth!) sheet, and there's only one other way to score the Ivan Brunetti designed diploma -- two years of hard work at CCS!

    This auction is sponsored by the I Know Joe Kimpel minicomics distribution collective; as with everything from IKJK, the proceeds will go to help CCS students and alumni with collective needs: i.e., CCS group travel, convention costs, etc. This is a worthy way of supporting and sustaining the CCS community, while landing some excellent art items for yourself and/or others.

    This auction lot contains four items:

    * Signed by Seth, an uncut sheet from the 1st CCS brochure. Seth designed and drew this large 2-sided sheet, and we have it uncut, straight from the printers. It's 2-sided, full color, and has the original CCS brochure along with various postcards, bookmarks, etc, all included. It's big, 25 x 38, but this is an item that's hard to get a hold of and certainly would make any Seth fan a very happy person during the holidays.

    * Blank Center for Cartoon Studies Diploma: This Ivan Brunetti design graced the diplomas handed out to the first-ever graduating class from the Center for Cartoon Studies. This copy is minus all the official "you graduated" writing, of course. This multi-color 11 x 17 screen-print is simple yet bold in design and exclusive to CCS. Writing your own name in at the bottom is not allowed.

    * Holiday Sale Poster: A Ken Dahl (Monsters) original winter poster that he screen-printed for 2006's CCS holiday extravaganza. Shades of blue make this an elegant winter wonderland, infused with Ken Dahl's own unique perspective on life. 22 x 15. [Note: This honey of a poster is on my CCS office wall, folks!]

    * Sammy/Anders/Kevin Poster: Sammy Harkham, Anders Nilsen, and Kevin Huizenga made CCS their 2nd stop on their joint book tour in February of '06. White and red screened onto green paper creates this visually stunning poster, and includes artwork from all three of this group of amazing young cartoonists. Stands out at a uniquely sized 11.25 x 23.25. [Note: This sweet graphic is displayed in my basement studio library! It's a great poster.]

  • Here's the link to the auction -- one more time! -- but you'll have to act fast!

  • And another Christmas and seasonal gift source you best remember is the I Know Joe Kimpel site itself, where you can order many of the amazing comics, minicomics and graphic novels created by the CCS alumni, students and artists -- why not do some shopping with Joe?
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    I'm still slithering in self-produced slime, but slept like a drugged monkey last night, so maybe I'm on the mend. Wait a minute, I took night-time cold tablets last night: I was a drugged monkey. Maybe I'm dying, but no, I think I'm on the mend -- doesn't matter, I gotta teach today, regardless.

    Sniff -- anyhoot, have a titanic Tuesday, and stay well...

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