Friday, October 12, 2007

* CCS at SPX *

Well, it's Friday -- SPX begins today, and a major chunk of The Center for Cartoon Studies community is there! If you're in the Bethesda, MD area, make sure to pop in to the convention and pay the CCS folks a visit.

The amount of work that's been pouring into individual comics -- and anthologies, like Dead Man's Hand, which I'm part of -- has been enormous. Diehards like Robyn Chapman, Sean Ford (debuting Only Skin #2), Joe Lambert, Alex Kim, JP Coovert (all debuting new work which I haven't seen as yet), and many more have been burning the midnight oil in the CCS Colodny basement studio and the senior Verizon studio, some for weeks... it's amazing.

One more preview page from my story "Tenderfoot" debuting at SPX this weekend in the CCS anthologyDead Man's Hand; page/story copyright 2007 SR Bissette

Lacking the relatively available lead time we all had back in the spring for MoCCA, there simply wasn't time to rally interviews, graphics, etc. for everyone's comics; the few interviews we did initiate are still dangling unfinished, so the best I can do this time around is steer you to
  • the official SPX website.
  • CCS will be at table W22, near the door and registration table, and I Know Joe Kimpel has a table on the floor, too, as does JP and Joe's imprint.

    For those who can't be there, I'll be posting followup ASAP, as information, art, links etc. are made available.
  • Dead Man's Hand has it's own website, here,
  • and I'll be posting sales links and more info after this weekend, as the DMH editors pull that together (of course, the past weeks have been entirely intent upon getting everything done and ready for SPX).

  • For a peek at last Friday's day-trip with my amigos G. Michael Dobbs and Joseph A. Citro -- Mike and Joe -- click here for Mike's overview with photos, scroll down to his "Monday, October 08, 2007" post.

  • Also note Mike's pix of the Main Street Museum, which I'll be posting more about this weekend as my son Daniel and the band he's a part of -- Mooneye -- will be playing live there this coming Tuesday. More info soon!

    I'm home sick as a dog, so I'll also be posting here off and on the next three days to make up for the slack of this week's posts.

    Have a great Friday, one and all, and stay warm and well...

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