Friday, October 05, 2007

Dan/Sam/Jeremy's Band in WRJ
a Taste of Tenderfoot, Too

"Tenderfoot" page 3, copyright 2007 SR Bissette, from the anthology Dead Man's Hand

Here's another peek at my six-pager "Tenderfoot," and for the rest you'll have to wait for SPX and the anthology Dead Man's Hand in a couple of weeks. I'm writing the anthology intro, too, so thar ya go.

Just got the news this week that the band my son Daniel is part of is comin' to town! Yep, Dan, Sam and Jeremy -- the threesome now known as "Mooneye" -- will be in White River Junction, VT's famed Main Street Museum (compliments of the amazing David Fairbanks Ford) on Tuesday, October 16 at 8 PM to open their ambitious October/November US tour, and I kid you not. They're also playing the prior weekend at a Brattleboro, VT venue -- more on that, and this, and everything about it as I know more. Can't wait to hear/see them play with my own ears/eyes!

Have a grand and glorious Friday in this torture-lovin' nation of ours that says it doesn't torture...

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