Friday, September 14, 2007


I'll be off until Sunday night or Monday, folks, but just had to note that today is the last day of Alberto Gonzales's reign as Attorney General.

That doesn't change the Constitutional crisis and unprecedented expansion of Executive powers Gonzales has engineered (along with Vice President Dick Cheney), any more than it concludes unchecked surveillance and warrantless spying on Americans, or restores habeas corpus and due process, or opens the gates at Guantanamo Bay and ends the Kafkaesque plight of those held there, or ends US-sanctioned and/or executed torture and extraordinary rendition.

But, hey, it's Alberto's last day.

And that's something to celebrate today.

Congratulations, Tim and Donna! It's a Bava!
Tomb-Sized Tome Tips Titans, Sears Orbs, Blows Mind!

My copy of Tim Lucas's absolutely stunning book Mario Bava: All the Colors of the Dark arrived last night around 5:30 PM.

Despite all that had to be done before I could fall asleep last night, I stole an hour at our kitchen table and enjoyed exploring the book's pages -- this is, without a doubt, the most sumptuous single-volume self-published book I have ever laid eyes upon. It's right up there with Ulrich Merkl's exquisite Dream of the Rarebit Fiend book -- but this is literally a dream book come true for me, I almost cannot believe it exists!

I chatted briefly with Tim and Donna on the phone last night to congratulate (and thank) them -- more next week, once I steal more time to love this baby!

See last night's post, particularly if you live in driving distance of Brattleboro, VT and have some open time Monday afternoon -- oh, and have a great weekend. I'll be posting next this coming Sunday night -- intense weekend and work week ahead, so it'll be touch and go until I get out the other end of it all.

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