Monday, August 20, 2007

The Green Invasion --
is Loose!

Well, we saw this one coming... and its been happening since 2002, so we're five growing season along, folks.

While Americans are enjoying Invasion, the latest remake of Jack Finney's sf classic The Body Snatchers, in theaters this week,
  • NPR journalist Dan Charles offers the tale of Roundup-resistant horseweed on the rise, marking the first reported widespread proliferation of a GMO-mutant strain of weed taking hold in the US of A.
  • Having airborne seed pods, the weed is spreading far and wide, unchecked and uncheckable.

    Way to go, Monsanto!

  • Ten year ago, Mother Jones offered this overview of Roundup's "success story" and perceived hazards,
  • concluding with this quote from then-Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman, "speaking on behalf of the United States at the World Food Summit in Rome last year,":

    "Biotechnology can give us a quantum leap forward in food security by improving disease and pest resistance, increasing tolerance to environmental stress, raising crop yields, and preserving plant and animal diversity. As world leaders, we shouldn't fight sound science... Countries that choose to turn away from biotechnology should recognize the consequences of their actions to the world."

    Ah, the arrogance of corporate-complicit government. Mother Nature will always feed us -- our foot.

    You've got one -- more -- day to preorder Tim Lucas's Mario Bava: All the Colors of the Dark for its prepublication price, folks.

    Think on it.

    Act on it.

    You'll only regret it later if you don't!

    All news, info, links in yesterday's post. Final Reminder!

    Have a great Monday...

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