Saturday, August 18, 2007

To Mean Widdle Kids Everywhere...

  • Here ya go -- knock yourself out this morning.
  • Or knock the block.

    You can indulge your best (blow cars to save pedestrians) or worst (toast citizens, dogs, vehicles) instincts, or both by just blowing up the whole damned city. Left click to intensify the sunbeam.

    Compliments of Rick (Roderick) Bates.

    Time is running out on the pre-ship pricing for Tim Lucas's new book Mario Bava: All the Colors of the Dark (shipping August 21).

  • Here's the link to get this 12-pound, illustrated with 1000+ images, 760,927 words (equivalent in length to 10 average-length novels) full-color wonder for half-price (yep, half the retail price: $120 plus shipping till Tuesday, thereafter $250 plus shipping) for a few... more... days!

  • So make your move --

    -- and have a great Saturday...

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