Sunday, August 12, 2007

MySpace at MySpace --

[Art: Image from "Area Stoned" by Sean Morgan, art by Sean Morgan and SR Bissette, from Sean's comic Capsule: The First Dose (May 2007), soon available from my site!]

Yep, I finally did it.

In establishing MySpace contact with my daughter Maia, and with the ultimate goal of further promoting my blog, the new site, my books (now that Blur Vol. 1 is out -- see yesterday's post!) and more, I've finally signed on to MySpace and have a page there.

I don't have a clue how this works yet, but I'll figure it out.

[Careful, though! Don't confuse me for
  • Dr. Stephen Bissette of North Carolina!
  • No relation that I know of, mind you, but you never know. We Bissettes once bred like vermin.]

  • Anyhoot, here's my MySpace page; sign on, folks, and spread the word...
  • ______________________

    Special thanks and a big hello goes out to Dave Kraus for being the first person on or off Earth to order a copy of Blur Vol. 1. You're the best, Dave, and thank you for the immediate interest and support! If only there were about 10,000 more folks out there like you, I'd be drawing and publishing comics again tomorrow.

    , your special 'thank you' care package is going out tomorrow. You will dig it.

    Have a great Sunday...

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