Sunday, August 05, 2007

Hey, Vermonters/New Hampshire/Massachusetts Readers --

-- my amigo Sparky aka Mark Whitcomb has two tickets to the Emmy Lou Harris concert at the Shelburne Museum tomorrow night --
  • here's the website with info --
  • -- and he needs homes for 'em!

    Email Sparky ASAP at, and help him out. He and his sweetie can't go, and these tickets are crying out for someone to go in their place. $49 per ticket or best offer, and if you're anywhere close to Springfield, VT (where The Simpsons Movie opened last month) and can get to him, check him out, get on it now!

    Here's some Sparky poetry to sweeten the deal:

    Roadside Frog (an ode to SRB)

    He was nothing
    but a road toad
    performing death
    defying feats
    Hopping through
    the moonlight
    on rural rain
    soaked streets
    It was in that
    misty moonlight
    he made his
    final hop
    I saw him in
    the headlights
    it was just too
    late to stop

    Spark (sob)

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