Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Marketing Bissettes:
Maia's Art Show in Brattleboro; Daniel's Band Tour in August...

Just a quick heads up: You want to see a great show of Maia Rose's art, photos and such? There's still another week to go for my daughter Maia Rose's art exhibition in Mocha Joe's Cafe at 82 Main Street in Brattleboro, VT (phone: 802-257-7794).

This is a retrospective exhibition of Maia's work from her high school years to present, including oil paintings, watercolors, pastels, pencil, marker, pen & ink drawings and digital rendering and photographs; it's pretty comprehensive, really, and an ideal overview of her artistic development. Mocha Joe's provides a pretty comfy space in which to view and spend a bit of time with her work, especially if you catch the venue when it isn't too crowded -- and you can't beat their coffee or tea!

Maia Rose works at Mocha Joe's, too, so you may even luck into a chance to talk directly with the artist.

I'm touched by the writeup Maia provided for the monthly Gallery Walk: A Monthly Guide to Area Galleries & Exhibits (Vol. 6, No. 7, July 2007): "Maia's work owes much gratitude to the influence of music and the natural world while growing up in southern Vermont. Her creative inspiration has been nurtured by exposure to an international underground of countercultures, particularly those fueled by revolutionary hip-hop and experimental genres. Equal respect goes to Maia's supportive and talented parents, for living their lives in accordance to their dreams, regardless of what others may think."

Thanks, Maia, and much love to you, as ever.

Mysterious photo of my mutant son Daniel, which arrived with the following cryptic note: "greetings from the new laboratory. everything is going as planned. soon i will have these puny earthlings on their hands and knees. As long as that meddling santa claus doesn't get in my way. love you." (Photo compliments of Cory Bratton)

Maia's bro/my son Daniel is also stretching his creative legs via his work with his musical circle of friends.

Alas, I haven't heard/seen them perform as yet (I always seem to find out after the fact), but CCS graduate and Xeric Award winning cartoonist Sam Gaskin (Pizza Wizard) emailed me last month to mention his catching the band performing in Massachusetts, and Sam dug 'em -- and soon, you may be able to, too!

Y'see, Dan tells me (over our breakfast together last week) that he and his musical compadres are hitting the road later this summer or early fall for a multi-state tour! I'm excited as can be for them, and will post more info here as soon as I get it, though I don't know how tight that info will be presented to me. I'll do my best!

Mucho manly love to you, Dan, as always!

Have a great Wednesday, one and all...

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