Saturday, June 30, 2007


Missed posting yesterday, amid a very busy day -- apologies. Amigo Joe Citro is visiting, and I completed and turned in two drafts of an introduction for Marvel editor Cory Sedlmeier, which consumed all my daily writing time -- no apologies there!

Judging from this week's emails, a lot of Myrant readers felt pretty alienated by the lengthy procession of interviews. Well, it was an experiment with a clear goal, and a lot of work, but I hear you, and will return to my voice dominating this forum. Thanks for airing your concerns, always valued and appreciated. I've also had some engaging email exchanges based on my 'sour grapes' post-MoCCA and personal career assessment, and that's been interesting, too.

Having just spent the last three hours hammering away at the final draft of said Marvel intro gig, I've not much to share or say this AM. I'll try to make up for the lull in the coming days, and rethink a bit what I'm doing here. Truth to tell, I'm torn between feeding the website needs for material and keeping this blog meaty on a daily basis within the prescribed time I can afford to give it, and summer -- well, summer's here, and that has me outdoors more and more, as it should.

Among the email exchanges, Tim Lucas reports the Bava books are arriving soon. Now, there's a summer read -- and, given the massive size of the tome, possible self-defense against sharks, horseshoe crabs and tourists, too.

In any case, I can't wait to read this beauty! Looking forward to it, Tim!

Now, to get back to work on my own books...

More later, have a great Saturday...