Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday Note on Sundays!

I'll be posting an interview this weekend, but at an odd time, more than likely, as I've got a full plate this weekend. This 12:50 post will stand as my Saturday post, given the running around I'm doing later today (like, after I wake up), but hopefully it's welcome news.

I've just returned home from CCS, where I delivered my self-standing one-page story for the Sundays anthology (which Sam Gaskin referred to this week in his interview; you'll be reading more about in this weekend's interview with CCS senior Alex Joon Kim). Alex, Joe Lambert and Chuck Forsman were there to receive it, and all seemed very pleased with it --
-- my first new
Tyrant page for publication in over ten years!

That's all I'll say for now.

It's done, it's in, and it'll be featured in the Sundays anthology debuting at MoCCA on June 23rd.

Now all that's left on my board with the clock ticking is a story CCS pioneer class graduate Sean Morgan invited me to jam on with him, "Area Stoned." I'm drawing the aliens and their spacecraft for Sean's tale, and we're having some fun with it. Sean's interview -- here, later this week -- will discuss this new anthology he's debuted at MoCCA, the comic that will feature this extraterrestrial extravaganza (along with the zombie story he completed for the Accent UK Zombies -- but proved too controversial for that collection!), so I'll leave it for Sean to tell you all about it.

So, that's three books I'll have new work in that you can peruse and purchase at MoCCA, folks -- Sean's anthology, the oversize Sundays anthology, and the new Trees & Hills anthology comic.

And, speaking of Zombies -- if the package on the slow boat from the UK arrives in time, you may also have a shot at picking up a copy of Accent UK's Zombies anthology there, too! As already shamelessly ballyhooed here all this year, that features a new cover and a four-pager by my son Daniel and I (along with some terrific stories by a clutch of CCS talent and Accent UK's lineup of their native contributors, including Leah Moore and John Reppion). Here's hoping the package shows up this week.

There will also be some vintage Bissette for sale at MoCCA, at the King Hell Press table -- and it's primo vintage Bissette & Veitch stuff, at that.

Rick Veitch will be at MoCCA and he'll have copies of Shiny Beasts there for sale, featuring our full-color "Monkey See" story -- unseen since its first (and until now only) appearance in 1980 in Epic #2.

Dig a little deeper between those covers and you'll also find my rendition of the ravages of cosmic VD in Rick's and Alan Moore's long-lost Epic collaboration "Love Doesn't Last Forever"... along with a plethora of mind-bending, eye-popping solo Veitch delights, making Shiny Beasts one of the must-have acquisitions at MoCCA for those who care.

So, there ya go. Three, hopefully four new titles with all-new Bissette comics creations, and one corker of a reprint collection sporting one of my sweetest pre-Swamp Thing collaborations, and one of my few painted full-color efforts at that.

My retirement from the comics industry stands, but there's plenty to make you happy in reach as of this week! I fully expect all these comics to sell out, then, right? There's nothing in it for me -- though you'll sure make a crew of CCSers happy! -- but plenty in it for you.

All of these are or will be for sale online, too; once the CCS titles debut at MoCCA, we'll post the sales venue links here. So, if you're craving a fresh Bissette comics fix, thanks to my son Dan, the CCSers, Accent UK (and Leah and John) and the Trees & Hills folks, you can feast for the first time in years.

OK, signing off. It's after 1 AM, and I'm off to bed.

Have a splendid Saturday...

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