Sunday, May 20, 2007

Second Bissette Blog Post Theft in a Week!

This just in from Rick Veitch:

  • The second Myrant blog post theft in a week!

  • What's going on?

    Hey, Myrant readers, post a comment on these thieving blogs -- and let's see if we can curb this internet cybertheft ASAP.

    I've also got a request in to a couple of my friends to see if we can protect the blog from this kind of 'sample blog post' theft activity from this end... word is this might be 'blog bot' action, randomly plucking from blogs (to what end?).

    Weird. This is really, really weird.


    Sunday Morning...

    ...have a great one!

    I think this is a real stained glass window photo from a real church, but who knows. Sent to me by Tim 'Doc Ersatz' Viereck, from who'll you'll be hearing much more this week!

    Have a fine Sunday, folks...