Sunday, May 06, 2007

Hey, dig the new blog title -- more evidence of Cat's handiwork, and the changes a'comin' in -- all of which is good!

  • Dig the wacky ongoing search for a 'war czar' -- of course, the headline for Associated Press writer Deb Riechmann says it all: "Help wanted: War czar with clear vision..."
  • Anyone qualified and with 'clear vision' has either been fired, bullied, abused, ignored, or has 'clear' enough 'vision' to steer clear of this completely bonkers President, Administration and these wars.

    And what's with this 'czar' shit?

    I reckon adopting venerable Stalinist and KGB tactics has at last infiltrated & corrupted every niche of the White House think-tanks at last. Hell, we've had Karl Rovesputin at work since the beginning, so why not?

    More later today -- have a great Sunday in the meantime...