Friday, April 20, 2007

Just Slamming Up a Friday AM post --

It's the week of WRIF, and I'll be posting a lot about the White River Indie Films festival later today and all weekend and week. Along with, like, other things of broader interest, for those of you not living in driving distance. But it's WRIF week for Bissette! Links, info, pix to follow, starting later today.

Most curious fact about the Virginia Tech killer, Cho Seung-hui, to emerge this week:

"His only sibling is an older sister, Sun Kyung-cho, who oversees Iraq reconstruction aid at the State Department."

This from article by Helen Thomas in New York Daily News, April 19, 2007, compliments of HomeyM.

  • Fox News sank to new lows with this abominable treatment of Kurt Vonnegut.
  • Of course, the fact the same 'news team' (choke) that so endlessly lionized the likes of President/Governor Ronald Reagan and have shamelessly trotted out Ted Nugent as an antidote for liberal guests they've summarily trashed ended up treating Vonnegut thus in the pretense of presenting an 'obit' would likely have been a source of great pride to Vonnegut himself.

    Have a great Friday, more later today, and hope to see some of you at WRIF this week...

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