Saturday, March 31, 2007

Head Cheese
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"Do you know what lurks in the deep recesses of the human mind?"

Lance Weiler does!

Hey, I'm on tour! Well, my voice is -- along comic images created by my son and I, too. My work is now 21st Century media, despite my initial reluctance to join the fast lane.

Yesterday morning, via the digital technology of the 21st Century, Lance had me voicing some new Head Trauma material for tonight's very special REMIX presentation of Head Trauma as it plays on the big screen one final time in Philadelphia.

According to Lance, "this is the kick off to a number of national and international remix Head Trauma presentations -- more details soon." Which I'll post here, as soon as it's in my hot little hands.

Cool! This is the flick, you may recall, that my son Dan (who's on the road all month himself, cross-country exploring with three of his compadres -- he called last night from Louisiana after a few days in New Orleans, and all is well) and I drew a faux-Christian comic for.

After months of back-and-forth creative work with Lance in 2005-2006, our work became a character, kinda, in the film, and Lance is now launching a tour with a new, live audio remix -- including yours truly droning the very text I'm including here in red type.

Anyhoot, for tonight's event, here's a few details. Wish I could be there myself -- sounds like Lance is channeling William Castle, Ray Dennis Steckler (aka 'Cash Flagg') and the classic showmen!:

SPECIAL REMIX screening of HEAD TRAUMA - a collision of music, movies, theatrics and gaming.
Music - Live soundtrack performances by Bardo Pond, members of Espers, Fern Knight and DJ Chief Wreck'em
Movies - HEAD TRAUMA and a special screening of a short claymation adaptation of Edgar Allen Poe's classic THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM
Theatrics - sets, props and characters from the movie will emerge from the audience - lights, fog and creepy fun
Gaming - use your mobile phone to interact with the movie and watch in amazement as all the phones in the theater ring at once!

TONIGHT -- Saturday, March 31st @ 7:30pm

Philadelphia's International House (37th and Chestnut) on the U of Penn's campus - on street parking and two parking garages in walking distance

$14 for all seats - seating is on a first come first serve basis

"Dark and twisted images bubbling to the surface, breaking through your sleep as vivid nightmares…. Shaking you to your very core… eyes frozen shut, you struggle to pull yourself from the hellish depths of slumber..."

  • Here's the info on tonight's show, including ticketing, of particular interest of those of you in Philly or neighboring Pennsylvania turf.

  • "Your world begins to move in slow motion and the sound of your life, your beating heart, becomes deafening… but somehow you manage to pull yourself free and make it back to reality becoming… Awake.

    And for a moment you can relax."

  • And here, lest you forget, is the entire Head Trauma website, including info on ordering your own copy of the DVD, shots of Dan's and my comic art for the movie, links, images, and tons more.

  • "Finally… released from your nightmare, your breath slowing its pace… a splash of water calms you but… as you reach for the towel, an unwelcome familiar feeling takes hold of you, your body instantly chilled to the bone…."

  • Finally, for those wishing to spread the word, here's the latest press material (as a pdf file), check it out.

  • "Unable to breath, unable to speak… you realize something DARK , something EVIL has followed you back… it’s been unleashed…and is now in the land of the living…"

    More later today and this weekend, as time permits...

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